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Meet Jack.

We celebrate Jack’s memory with the ongoing Jack Raife Fund, which provides support in the form of Mental Health Services for LGBTQ+ Youth in the RFV and beyond.

On April 2, 2023, at the early age of 18, Jack Holden Raife, a native of the Roaring Fork Valley, took his life. Although stricken with grief, his mother, Kathy, along with close family members, forged boldly forward to raise awareness and provide opportunities for other youth to gain access to mental health services by establishing the Jack Raife Fund with the assistance of AspenOUT. Jack’s memory continues by giving youth in the LGBTQ+ community vital funding for a better tomorrow. The fund has raised over $100k in the last year, distributing donations to LGBTQ+ scholarships and mental health sponsorships.

Please read the following stories illustrating the impact of just a few lives helped by this fund.

NS is a young queer adult from WA who has a significant trauma history of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Their lack of therapeutic intervention for many years resulted in a trauma-based eating disorder, ARFID. It was clear that they needed an intensive intervention, and not many programs available can offer that level of intensive intervention. Thrive found a program in UT that could provide this level of intensive care with an out-of-pocket cost of 7K, which AspenOUT supplied in the form of a scholarship. They are still engaged in the program and fully participate in the process. Thrive is hopeful that they will complete the program in the next month and be able to return home to continue her recovery and mental health journey.

LR, a non-binary 13 year old from the Roaring Fork Valley, was enduring extreme emotional distress and social isolation. They attended an intensive wilderness mental health program, and transitioned to a therapeutic boarding school, where they are making significant progress. In partnership with the school, and $10,000 from AspenOUT, LR will be able to complete their program, with the goal of returning home by the end of the school year. Funds from AspenOUT allowed LR and their family to focus on the final few months of treatment, and relieved significant financial and emotional strain. 

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Every dollar donated will go to non-profits, designated by Jack’s family, that support the mental health of LGBTQIA+ community. Save a young person’s life. Please help make a difference.

About AspenOUT

Established as the Aspen Gay and Lesbian Community Fund (AGLCF), the organization grew with only one staff member and a Board of Directors to help maximize the profit for charity, anchored by Gay Ski Week as a grassroots fundraiser. While the RFGLCF/AspenOUT is best known for producing Aspen Gay Ski Week, we strive to support the development of a strong local Gay, Lesbian, Bi, and Transgender community with programs and initiatives including: The Art Base Partnership, CP Burger Youth Event, Carbondale Pride, Affirming Voices, and more. We invite you to become a part of AspenOUT, whether as a visitor, part-time resident, or full-time local.

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